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School of Life Science and Biotechnology

The School of Life Science and Biotechnology at Adamas University offers cutting edge, research driven, modern curriculum that aims to train students in Microbiology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry. The curriculum is designed to educate students who will work for the welfare of the society with focus on improving healthcare, medicine, agriculture and environment. The course provides ample scope of skill development through appropriate laboratory training in relevant areas. The School organizes regular workshops, seminars and conferences to keep students, research scholars and faculty members up to date with latest innovations, developments and pedagogy in life science and biotechnology. Industrial visits and internships from other institutes of repute help broaden perspectives of students beyond curriculum.  Special classes and training for National Eligibility Test are also offered to students. The students of the School of Life Science and Biotechnology have been placed or interned in various reputed organizations including Biocon, Coca-Cola, Nerdy Turtlez, Thyrocare, Biogenick Life Sciences among others. Some of our past students were also selected in international programs including that from Radboud University, Netherlands and Swansea University, UK.

Biotechnology at Adamas


Adamas University is the largest University in Eastern India. The award winning campus provides the perfect destination for aspiring students who would like to pursue excellence in their chosen field in a secured, nature friendly, vast campus which can truly be their second home.

It is the only University that is dedicated to nation building and offers to train students for central and state government jobs alongside their degree programmes.

International Milieu

The University has partnered with more than 36 international Universities across 18 countries. International student and faculty exchange programmes, joint research programmes, etc. all combine to give students an invaluable experience necessary to be come global citizens.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Our flexible course structure allows students to develop an interdisciplinary orientation by choosing electives and minor courses from a variety of other disciplines. An International Relations student can also study Law, for example.


The School is within the 120 acres of lush green campus where an application focused curriculum is supported by innovative and well equipped labs such as Psychology lab, full Apple Mac enabled studios and PCR rooms, etc.


Adamas University offers most comprehensive and innovative courses

Prof. (Dr.) Rudra Prasad Saha

Associate Dean of School of Life Science & Biotechnology

A distinguished scholar, with 14+ years of experience in teaching and research, Dr. Rudra Prasad Saha has joined Adamas University as an Associate Dean of School of Life Science and Biotechnology. Dr. Saha completed his comprehensive post-doctoral research on host-virus relationships at the University of Texas at Austin, USA and San Diego State University, USA after earning his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Bose Institute (Jadavpur University), Kolkata. Dr. Saha has published several research papers in high impact international journals and presented his work in a number of national and international conferences around the world. Dr. Saha’s current research interests include but not limited to protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions, metal homeostasis in bacteria and metallo-regulation of transcription, bacteriophage-host interactions and development of a phage-based gene therapy system. Through his outstanding academic, leadership and interpersonal skills combined with his inimitable teaching style, Dr. Saha looks forward to encourage a competitive spirit among Adamas University students which will foster a positive and healthy campus atmosphere along with equipping students with the right skills to meet future challenges. Potential research collaborators, research fellows, summer trainees and students are welcome to contact Dr. Saha.




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