I did my M. Tech (Biotech & Biochem. Eng.) from IIT-Kharagpur where I conducted a research on bio-fuels and bio-hydrogen production using bacterial strains.

Then I pursued my PhD from National University of Singapore, Singapore on Protein crystallography. During my PhD I unraveled molecular conformation of Glycogen branching enzyme (glgB) from M. tuberculosis H37Rv and human Corticotrophin receptor-ECD in complex with 3 peptide ligands. The work has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

I did my Post-doctoral fellowship research in Van Andel Research Institute, Michigan, for 6 years. There I mainly participated in research of G-protein coupled receptors (membrane proteins) and was involved with breakthrough structure of Rhodopsin- visual Arrestin complex. The work has been published in Nature and Cell journals. I am also interested in oncogenic fusion kinases TPR-MET and NPM-Alk where I employed cryo-EM techniques to investigate the molecular conformation of oligomeric state of protein. With 12 years of experience in research and teaching Dr. Kuntal Pal has joined Adamas University as an assistant professor in School of Biotechnology.