Biotechnology is a technology that utilizes living systems and organisms, or parts of them to develop or make different useful products that can improve human life and the environment.

The purpose of Biotechnology is to create technologies and products that can directly improve our lives and nature. Biotechnology has applications in the improvement of food quality, agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, consumer products, and many others.

As a subject, Biotechnology is both a basic and applied science. Technologies derived from Biotechnology are being used in agriculture, healthcare, forensics, industrial processing, food processing, environmental management, and in many other useful ways. Graduates can take several career paths including work in research labs, become professor or scientist, or embark on professional careers in various industries – pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food technology, consumer products, manufacturing, etc.

  • We offer interdisciplinary projects to help our students to have a broad spectrum of knowledge on various aspects across different subjects, which are now becoming a pre-requisite for different industries and academic institutions.
  • Adamas Biotechnology club is a perfect entrepreneurial platform to create opportunities among the students to implement their innovative ideas (a platform for students who think out of the box).
  • Holistic design thinking approach through classroom learning, industrial visit, internships, and social outreach.
  • Opportunity for students to publish their dissertation work in reputed journals
  • Regular conduct of workshops, interdisciplinary research facilities across different schools are some of the other hands-on training facilities relevant to this course which are available on campus apart from the regular laboratory work and research projects.
  • Students can choose either corporate/company jobs or they can choose a research career in government or non-government institutions.
  • 100% placement records, an average package of 3.6 LPA, highest package of 10 LPA, and various pharmaceutical/medical companies like Biocon, Sun Pharma, Cipla, Nerdy Turtlez, etc.recruited our students.
  • Lectures may be delivered through various online portals/software or learning management systems. Platforms like the Zoom meeting and WebEx may also be used. Lectures may also be delivered through phone for needy students residing in areas where internet connectivity is low.
  • Attendance may be calculated based on the presence of students during online classes. However, problems of students residing in areas where internet connectivity is low will also be considered.
  • We have our own TCS Ion learning management system for conducting tests.
  • This is subject to further time-to-time notifications from the government. Depending on the notification a certain percentage of students may come to university for hands-on training.
  • We will also provide virtual labs. Simulated experiments can be visualized by various software.
  • Faculty members will make videos of the practicals and provide them to students either in recorded format or through live sessions.
  • Residential students are preferred by the department as they will have an additional benefit of utilizing library resources (stay open until 10 PM). Also, students residing in the hostel can come to our remedial classes on weekends to clear their doubts. In Adamas University, the teacher-student relationship is very important to cultivate a good atmosphere of study and research.
  • However, a day scholar with responsibilities of the home will always be taken care of so that he/she does not suffer in studies.
  • The role of Career Developmental Cell is to assess students to measure their abilities, data interpretation, and problem-solving skills and helping them to identify development needs in advance. Students go through the counselling session to profile their strengths and weaknesses at the dawn of his/her professional career. CDC also contact corporates for internships and placement opportunities.
  • The Center for Professional Studies provides an interdisciplinary, rigorous education that bridges the needs of employers with current and future employees. Providing opportunities for individuals to learn and grow in their careers is essential and preparing them for their growth and develop them as thorough professionals.
  • Students need to contact the Center for Professional Studies for the fees if any.