I, Dr. Suman Bhandary joined Adamas University as an Assistant Professor in Microbiology at School of Life Science and Biotechnology in October, 2020. I have four years of research and more than three years of teaching experience. I have completed my Ph. D in Biophysics from Jadavpur University in 2011 under CSIR Research Fellowship. I have been awarded ICMR Post-Doctoral Research Associateship in 2013 and worked at Bose Institute for three years. I have completed my graduation in Chemistry and Post- graduation in Microbiology from the University of Burdwan and Kalyani university respectively. Prior to joining Adamas University, I was associated with Shoolini University, Himachal Pradesh and Brainware University, Kolkata as an Assistant Professor since 2018. I am interested in the area of nano-biotechnology, cancer biology, protein and carbohydrate chemistry, bio-conjugation of nanoparticles.