With more than 9 years of post Ph.D teaching and research experience, Arijit Bhattacharya joined Adamas University on January 2019. He conducted his doctoral research in IICB, Kolkata, on functional genomics approach to decipher cyclic nucleotide mediated responses in differentiation of lower eukaryotes like Leishmania. Following his doctoral research, he served state and central government academic institutions, namely Presidency College (Kolkata) and Tripura Central University, as Assistant Professor of Microbiology. He also obtained about 5 years of post-doctoral research experience from Centre for Research in Infectiology, U-Laval, Canada on omics biology of drug resistance in Leishmania. His areas of research-interest include omics biology of human pathogens, developing intervention strategies and development of strategies to unveil mechanism of drug resistance. His broad area of teaching involves molecular aspects in microbiology with specialization in microbial genetics, omics and infection biology. He was actively engaged in developing curriculums and laboratories in newly established departments in the institutions he served earlier and has also been acknowledged for his teaching ability throughout.