Plastic Pollution and the menace of single use plastic has been an important concern across the globe. Adamas Biotechnology Club in association with Centre for Environment Education (CEE) presented a seminar about on how to reduce plastic pollution and also highlighted a United Nations programme on reducing plastic pollution at the AIT Seminar Hall on February 27, 2020. Ms. Arunima Hazra, Project Officer CEE East, delivered a talk on the impact of plastic pollution, how to reduce plastic pollution and explained in detail about a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – Tide Turners Plastic Challenge Badge. This initiative is to educate young individuals on single use plastics leading to action that will reduce land and marine plastic pollution and to support them, to alter behaviour and norms around plastic usage at both individual and community level. This is a global programme being implemented in 17 countries. The Challenge for students in India as in other countries follows a three-tiered structure. At the entry level, participants are required to audit their plastic footprint, understand the issue and take small steps to spread the awareness. At the leader level, individuals will influence and mobilize their peers, institutions or communities for collaborative action.  At champion level, students will initiate dialogue with authorities at schools, colleges, corporates and businesses and advocate the practices to mitigate plastic pollution through policies on reducing the use of disposable plastic on their premises. All interested youth and participant can register for implementation at The registration is already open and students can register until May 15, 2020. All participants would be required to upload their participation report on to the website by May 22, 2020. Successful participants completing different levels of engagement would be awarded certificates. Participants who complete all three levels of the challenge successfully would be felicitated at a duly conducted ceremony with a Championship badge in the presence of an august audience. This UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) initiative is being implemented by WWF-India, CEE (Centre for Environment Education) and Million Sparks Foundation in India. The initiative also enjoys the support of the Government of India as it is aligned to its vision of Plastic Free India. Students’ participation in this program will not only enhance their knowledge and awareness about the issue of plastic but also help build life skills, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. The program was coordinated by Dr. Arindam Mitra from the School of Life Science and Biotechnology.