Field Trips provide practical lessons of a subject in real world, grow leadership skills, foster camaraderie among students and also develop an eye for detail related to a subject. The School of Life Science and Biotechnology successfully organized a Field Trip for students having Zoology as elective subject during February 19-21, 2020. In this trip, students visited Tajpur in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal which has a rich coastal biodiversity. Students enhanced their knowledge of coastal animals including the well-known shrimp, Olive Ridley Turtle, Hermit Crabs as well as different types of prawns and crabs. The students were accompanied and guided by a team of faculty members from the School of Life Science and Biotechnology; Dr. Joydeep Pal, Dr. Abinit Saha and Dr. Anwesha Chatterjee from Department of Biotechnology and Dr Srijan Haldar from Department of Biochemistry. All students had a valuable learning experience and explored the field of Zoology beyond classrooms.