On March 11, 2020, during the initial days of emergence of COVID-19 in India, an initiative was taken by Jinia Sarkar and Prativa Sarkar of Adamas Biotechnology Club of Adamas University to prepare cost-effective hand sanitizer to contain the spread of coronavirus. The hand sanitizer was prepared as per guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO). The hand sanitizer can be made even at home with basic ingredients like 70% isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, glycerine, vitamin E and rose water. The students were also demonstrated how to use the hand sanitizer effectively to prevent spread of virus.

The activity was coordinated by faculty advisor, Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh. The other students who participated were Srijan Chatterjee, Sutrishna Ghosh, Ankita Dev, Soumajit Chandra, Rahul Dutta, Srijani Basak, Rituja Mahalanobish and Sushantika Biswas. Students took this initiative to prepare this hand sanitizer at a time when there was a shortage of supply of hand sanitizers in the market. Anyone who is interested in knowing the procedure to make sanitizers at home are requested to send email to Prativa Sarkar (prativa.sarkar23@gmail.com) and Jinia Sarkar (jiniasarkar332@gmail.com) of Adamas Biotechnology Club.