Students of B.Sc. (Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry), School of Life Science & Biotechnology visited the Coca-cola and Biocon industries at Bangalore on 04.04.2019 and 05.04.2019, respectively.

Hindustan Coca-Cola Pvt. Ltd.:
The Coca-cola industry is well renowned for its signature products like Coca-cola and Maaza. On arrival, the industry officials greeted our students with Coca-cola drinks with a quantity as much as they can! During this visit, the students came to know a lot about the preparation of the products and the steps involved in their batch production process. Importantly, they also got a wonderful opportunity to interact with their staff to understand the process effectively, particularly production preparation, constitution and commercialization.

Biocon Ltd.
Biocon is one of Asia’s premier biopharmaceutical companies that aim at producing life-saving biotherapeutics. They have collaborations with big companies like Bristol Meyer Squibb, Novartis and Mylan. The company is driven by a vision of providing high quality biotherapeutics and biosimilars at an affordable price for patients across the world.

The Biocon officials gave an informative presentation to our students on the company’s journey from its inception that reflected the qualities of a true entrepreneur like Kiran Majumder Shaw who is the founder of Biocon Ltd.

They discussed their outstanding work on Oral Insulin in the form of pills. The company is also focussing on new age drugs for the treatment of cancer and diabetes.

Our students also came to know about corporate social responsibilities undertaken by Biocon for the betterment of society. The trip was extremely successful. Exchange of knowledge will help the students to get acquainted with the Industry environment.