The School of Life Science and Biotechnology at Adamas University initiated a new seminar series on October 3, 2018. The inaugural speech delivered by respected Vice Chancellor, Professor Madhusudan Chakraborty focused on the relevance and timeliness of seminar series. Next, Prof. Asok Mukherjee, Dean, School of Life Science and Biotechnology, enthralled audience with recent findings and novel strategies to combat AIDS in his talk titled “Biotechnology and AIDS”. Prof. Gautam Basu from Department of Biophysics at Bose Institute, Kolkata delivered a popular lecture “Art in Science”. Dr. Basu’s talk covered how art can inspire science and vice versa. He cited numerous examples on the interplay between Art and Science with examples spanning from Albert Einstein, Leonardao da Vinci, Robert Hooke and many others. He reflected that creativity and serendipity in Science can lead to innovation and development. Dr. Basu’s interaction with the students has been outstanding and his session concluded with hands on activity for students where they were asked to create double helical structure of DNA using Origami. Overall, students were benefited immensely by such immersive learning experience, which not only stimulated interest in science among students but also facilitated a new way of thinking creatively in science beyond classrooms.