Prof. Marie Gehman, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry in the International University of Grand-Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire visited Adamas University to conduct a workshop “Bioinformatics tools for Molecular Cloning” for postgraduate students in the School of Life Science and Biotechnology during October 21-25, 2019. In this workshop, students learnt about bioinformatics tools and database such as NIH’s mammalian gene collection, NCBI’s gene database, Primer-BLAST, Plasmid Editor and how such tools are used in molecular cloning. Specifically, students learnt about how to obtain information about a gene including sequence, length, and function using NCBI’s gene database. Students were taught how to discover a clone of a gene using NIH’s mammalian gene collection database. Students were also trained on reading and annotation of DNA sequences using Plasmid Editor and identification of restriction enzyme sites for molecular cloning. Besides, participants learnt about designing of primers using NCBI’s Primer-BLAST and basic flow of molecular cloning using vectors and the aforementioned tools. Overall, students had a thorough hands on training on bioinformatics tools and how they are used in molecular cloning.