Adamas Biotechnology Club organised a hands-on training for students on producing and marketing of probiotic ice-cream on 18th November 2019. The activity was organised by Dr. Arpita Das from the School of Life Science and Biotechnology and supported by Miss Sanchita Baisya, a third-year student of B.Sc. Biotechnology program. Dr. Das initiated the interactive session on entrepreneurship and idea of producing and marketing of probiotic ice-cream. The students present were enlightened on the prerequisites of being a successful entrepreneur and were provided with various business ideas that students themselves could undertake. Next Miss Baisya described the procedure of making the ice-cream. The USP of the frozen dessert is its highly nutritional value and presence of lactic acid bacteria. The lactic acid bacteria present has important health benefits in the treatment of diarrhoea and healing of gastric ulcers. Furthermore, the ice cream can be highly helpful for lactose intolerant individuals (inability to digest lactose). Two different variants of the ice cream were prepared and the students were asked to give their ratings of ice cream based on various parameters. Motivated by the success of this activity, the club is looking forward to arrange such innovative activities in the near future.