School of Life Science and Biotechnology organizes seminar series to keep students up to date with cutting edge research and development in the field of life science. In the seminar series, talks were given by eminent researchers, academicians and entrepreneurs. On 8th May 2019, the School of Life Science and Biotechnology organized its second seminar of the seminar series by Dr. Animikh Ray, eminent researcher, entrepreneur, founder and CSO of Biogenick Life. Dr. Ray delivered a talk on “Precision Medicine and AI/ML: opportunities and challenges for Academia and Industry to usher in future of healthcare”. He gave an overview on the emerging discipline of personalized medicine and the effect of different kinds of data sources like genomics, clinical, environmental and lifestyle in shaping this futuristic treatment paradigm. Due to the enormous amount of data involved in this scenario, routine data analytics will not be sufficient and requires innovative applications of data treatment. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning approaches are highly beneficial in giving shape to validated models of precision medicine development. In order to be successfully implemented, precision medicine needs expertise in genetics, clinical sciences, programming skills and an inquisitive mind. The speaker also introduced his company Biogenick Life and different research initiatives he is currently involved with. He did intrigue the young minds deeply and had intense interaction with the students. He also had a productive discussion with the Dean of the school about potential ways of collaboration between Adamas University and Biogenick Life.