My primary research interests involve dissecting out possible molecular mechanisms of onset, progression and metastasis of carcinogenesis and developing prevention/Therapeutic strategies against carcinogenesis. Development of prognostic markers and strategies that would help detection of Cancer at an early stage is one of my research aims. As a future researcher I would like to focus on developing novel therapeutic interventions and drug development strategies to overcome toxicities of Chemotherapy. The research will involve cell culture, Human samples and Lab Animals. My current and future research ideas have plentiful scope not only for good publications but also for funding. I would also like to collaborate with various investigators to diversify the scope of my research program. The field of Cancer Research and Drug Development is not an abstract scientific discipline. Development of novel Therapeutic and Chemo preventive interventions has a strong effect on the wellbeing of society, especially now when drug resistance and recurrence of cancer is a major drawback for cancer patients. I am a dedicated Researcher / Academician and want to serve my society through novel ideas. Teaching oportunity at ADAMAS, Kolkata will help me to be updated about latest technologies and discoveries in the relevant field of research. The intellectual atmosphere here at ADAMAS University will help me every day to learn more and get advanced.